A late Texas snow

just one of the girls  It’s a beautiful cloudless day in northeast Texas; the snow is melting quickly. Yes, we had a late storm yesterday.  It was predicted but we always wait to see if it will really turn out as predicted.  Sleet moved in first and then soon turned into a nice fluffy, wet snow. It snowed into the night.  This morning we had a soft coating of white; it was lovely.  Usually we get ice but not this time; it had been in the 60’s so it was too warm to ice.  The alpacas darted into the barn when the sleet arrived and stayed in during the snow.  I feed them in the barn each evening so they always feel warm and safe there.  Today they ventured out as the snow melted to graze the new sprigs of green.  The dwarf apple tree has just bloomed.  Spring has sprung.


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