Shearing Day for alpacas

Hershey SurpriseWe located a wonderful shearer near to us.  She arrived at close to 9 a.m. Sunday and we finished at 3 p.m.  We have 6 alpacas and 2 guard llamas, both originally came from Carol’s herd.  In addition to shearing was the time it took haltering and leading of each from the barn to the garage; not a tremendously huge amount of time but nevertheless adding to it.  She preferred the double garage as it is  a concrete floor giving good footing and has electrical outlets close by.  Next year we will bring the stall mats into the garage so we, and the animals, have better traction.   We were also able to cross tie the animals but leaving their back end free to move around if they got spooked. And if they wanted to kush then they could, if they felt better.  Some were better than others and she has been shearing for so long she could “go with the flow”.  

We hope to work with the animals more this year as they have been agisting (boarding) at another farm until we could bring them here last November and have not had the consistent training to get them accustomed to being handled.  For the most part though, everything went well and everyone is pounds lighter and very much cooler as we are due some hotter Texas weather this week into the 80’s. 

Next on our agenda is getting two of our females bred to our ribbon winning herdsire male, photo attached.  We have one pregnant female (not sure when she is due as she is an accidental pregnancy due to some lax fence enclosures at the other place and males getting in with females).  She will be a literal surprise when she has her cria sometime in the next few months.  Pregnancy lasts for 11 months for alpacas; the cria on average weigh about 18 pounds at birth and are up and running around within 30 minutes.  It will be our first cria birth here at our place and we will be reading up and getting supplies on hand in the meantime.


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