Rain and more rain

While we love the rain (after two years of going without rain in North Texas; I know others have been struggling for longer in their areas), we have had rain on a regular basis now weekly, and usually it is not a gentle rain but drenching downpours and high winds with it.  And of course, the grass/weeds/pastures really love it and are growing like crazy.  So what’s the complaint?  Well, first of all, we usually tend to our mowing chores on the weekend.  However, with the rains hitting us weekly, the weekends are not proving very workable. Everything is staying so wet and taking forever to dry out.

The other problem is the size of tractor vs. the size of property.  We removed a portion of pasture from grazing because it was at the front of the acreage the house sits on and it ran along the road.  If we turned it into a mowed “yard” it would expand our view out over a nicer looking, groomed lawn.  We hope to incorporate a large pond into that area in the future.  So, our lawn tractor that would mow 3 acres very well is now forced to mow much more than that, and wet grass to boot.  What happens is the wet grass clogs up underneath the mower above the 3 mulching blades.  There is a lot of stopping to unclog the blade area by scraping out the mucky grass by hand with a trusty putty knife.

So, what to do?  Dream about buying a larger tractor, because those  guys are pricey.  We are paying off the financing on the barn and fencing and a tractor could run in that same price range if bought new, although a used one could be a good deal if the owner was meticulous and followed maintenance schedules.  We’ve looked and priced and have our eye on one of those blue New Holland tractors with a bucket and mower.  Until then, I think I am being recruited to help out with mowing during the week when I can fit some time in to do it.  Hubby will fit in mowing on the weekends.  Living in the country is great, but there is a lot of work to keeping it “pretty”.  I love it when it’s mowed, and to keep it that way is time consuming in itself.  I think I will look into  creating more “meadows” with natural wildflowers.  Those are pretty too and create something interesting to look at, as well as attract all the lovely butterflies and hummingbirds.  I have to go now; the mower is waiting for me and the sun has popped out for a while.


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