Alpacas and ecology

Because alpacas are an exotic animal, it is wonderful to study and learn about them.  They are eye catching and so gentle and quiet.  They do have their attitudes depending on if they are grazing or waiting in the barn to be fed.  Some are shy, some are bold.  They have their “cliques”, others they like to pal around with.  I am very conscious of the habitats any animal may be a part of.  Is it nurturing, or harmful?  How can it be improved upon?  As I do here on our ranch, trying to keep everything in a nurturing state and improve the quality of the pasture or even improve the storage of the hay so it stays in optimal condition as much as possible.

And so, I am also aware of the world’s ecology and how to nurture and improve it in any way I can.  I have become a member of some organizations working to keep the politicians aware of laws and changes that need to be made to improve various habitats and ecologies.  If you have time, take a look and sign up.  They will send announcements that you can participate in online, usually as easy as signing an online petition or a formatted letter to your congresspeople, if you choose.  It is an easy way to get your say in what’s going on locally and globally.



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