Alpacas of course

I blog as often as I can and I try to choose helpful info that others can use (isn’t that what a blog should be?), and as I research some organic farms in the area, I am reminded to let you know about a couple of websites that everyone should keep handy and refer to often, and even pass along to friends.

Eat Wild is a site that caters to anyone who wishes to eat healthy, grass fed, pasture raised food: meat, eggs & dairy.   There is an option to sort by zipcode so you can find particular farms in your area.  Go to their website if they have a link and read more about them.  There is an option to find a restaurant that serves local food from area farms.  Some farms will ship their products and many are at a local Farmers Market near you.  Read some of the informative articles and look around the site.  You may decide to spend a little more for the peace of mind in knowing how healthfully your food was raised by a caring farmer.

Local Harvest has several ways for you to find the products you need.  There is an index by product type, or sort by zipcode to find a nearby farm, restaurant, or CSA farm (community supported agriculture).  CSA farms have a membership base and you join and have certain amounts of food you receive based on the amount of your membership.  You can buy beef, chicken, honey, fruits, vegetables, fibers (like alpaca, sheep, etc.).  Some farms even have visitation days.  You can also list your farm and items for sale for free.

Look at these sites and help support your local farmer and eat healthy.


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