My David Austin roses

Graham Thomas rosea beautiful David Austin roseWhen we moved to this property three years ago, I inherited the previous owner’s rose garden.  It’s not that I don’t love roses, but the careful attention they require has scared me off and I have never ever planted a rose.  So inheriting 8 different rose bushes was rather intimidating.  She had managed to give me a list of the names of the bushes and some still had the original nametag still on the bush. 

So I went online and looked up any info I could.  Thankfully, these roses are not hard to maintain.  They are now 12 years old and still bloom wonderfully in the spring.  She planted the garden right next to the sunroom which is just off the dining room.  We open the sunroom windows and the powerful scents waft through the air.  I cut the roses for vases, which seems to stimulate more growth and more blooms.  I have taken some pictures this year. 

Water is a rose’s best friend and with all the rain we have had this spring has helped them bloom wonderfully.  Also lots of mulch and some compost.  I have had to occasionally spray if I see some black spot or bugs.  But they really are not as much work as I had anticipated. 

In winter I cut out branches that are old or in the way of the window screens and cut them back about 1/3 so new growth has room to grow.  There is a great website full of info and they are located in Tyler, TX, just about a couple hours east of us.  Order some roses and prepare to be delighted.

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