Alpaca treats and vintage recipes

I have read that alpacas like various fruit or certain kinds of horse treats, but i have yet to find anything they won’t turn away from.  They don’t like the horse oat and carrot treats, broken into small pieces so they could easily chew, and they didn’t like the carrots or fruits. I did run across a recipe to make your own alpaca treats, so I will try that too.   So, I am still working on getting them to tell me what they do like here in Texas.

In the meantime, I found that by Googling “vintage recipes” you can find all kinds of people recipes, some dating back into the 1800’s (very simplified ingredients lists and many times there are no measurements), but it is fun to read through them and see how the cooks were dealing with seasonal, local produce in their area.  Take a look and see if you find anything new to try, or a cookbook to buy.




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