Being “Green”

Everywhere you turn, someone is mentioning that we need to “green” up.  It’s very easy to do. You don’t have to change your entire way of life to make a difference.  Choose one thing to change to a greener way of living.  Once you have changed one thing, then choose your next green project.  Here is a link to green yellow pages to shop for products.  A very easy change I made last week was buy five of the $1 each, “green” shopping bags at Brookshires grocery store.  I didn’t have any plastic bags to stuff in the cabinet and I keep the empty green bags in the car to have with me whenever  I choose to shop.  You don’t have to use the green grocery bags just at the grocery store.  Take them into any store you may shop in.

Link to “green” yellow pages; while you are here, read about Co-op America.


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