Alpaca fleece uses

I have fleece from our six alpacas for the past three years sitting in the garage.  I hope to get it sold to local knitters, weavers, felters,etc. But for now it is separated and identified as to which alpaca it came from and what year, and also whether it is the prime blanket or the seconds from legs,neck, etc.   I sent some off to a friend who plans to try some felting. 

I did find some good info out on YouTube on felting and in particular felting a purse by a fiber artist that was most interesting to watch.  It’s helpful actually seeing someone doing it their way and see what inspires them.  Here is that  link:  It has lots of rather loud background music, so be ready.

The Alpaca Registry has 16 official “show” colors.  Of course there are many shades and variations, also multi-color that have white spots intermingled with the fleece color.

I think I may just send some out to close-by fiber stores and have them use it in their classes and if that can generate some business then that is great.

I will be joining the AFCNA (Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America) and any fleece I might have can be sent to them and they will process and turn into products that members can buy and re-sell.

The fleece is lighter than wool and very insulating, and not scratchy.  I cannot wear wool, but alpaca is so soft.  The fleece is made into socks, shawls, sweaters, hats, gloves, evening dresses, coats, etc.  You name it and it can probably be made.  The fleece is graded and sorted to be used for the appropriate product.  Lots of stores are now stocking alpaca garments. I have seen sweaters at Gap where my daughter worked, and at other similar stores I’ve shopped at. VivaTerra has some wonderful alpaca products.!stmenu_template.main

Do some alpaca shopping and make someone happy.




  1. July 14, 2008 at 9:27 PM

    Hi Brigitte,
    I did a raw alpaca fleece internet search to get a ballpark figure; just internet searching for pricing can help; but usually you will price for the market you are in and what you feel you can sell for.

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