My new chicken coops

this will be the front; door in the middle

this will be the front; door in the middle

one down, two to go

one down, two to go

My alpacas will soon have “neighbors”.  My husband is building 3 chicken coops; one for each pasture.   I found the design and it is simple enough and sized for a small flock.  I will post the pictures when completed.  We expect our poultry (10 each: rare breed pullets, partridge silkie bantams, and guineas) to arrive later this week from Ideal Poultry in Texas.  I am going shopping to get all the necessary items for making waterers, feeders, and bedding and nests.  I found some great ideas for homemade waterers and feeders.  I hated to spend the money for those fancy commercially made ones.  These are made from 5 gal buckets that sit in a 20 inch planter base.  How easy is that?  And cheap too.  The finish out of the coops will take a little more time but just getting them made so I can have their house ready will be great.  They will be in pastures already fenced with electric wire top and bottom so I think they should be predator proof except for the stray snake that may try to find eggs.  The only other issue would be hawks.  I just don’t want to have anything getting my chickens.

I luckily have a very good carpenter/husband.  He is an architect but loves to design and make furniture for us and our kids out on their own.   He has made media centers, tables, standing bookshelves, picture frames, etc.  We are thinking of marketing the coops if all goes well.  they are not cheap, but they are very sturdy, easy to build, and nice looking and I think will be low maintenance and easy to keep clean.  I am using the deep litter method for the coop interior which will keep clean out to once or twice a year.  The coop is raised on concrete block so they have a cool space underneath to use for dusting and getting out of the Texas sun and weather.  I will be painting the exterior and shingling the roof as time permits.

I will post pics of the coops and (hopefully) happy chickens probably later in the week.  I absolutely love chickens and can’t wait.


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