Cute chick pics

30 new chicks

30 new chicks

hanging out at the water fountain
hanging out at the water fountain

cute as a button

My new little bundles of fluff almost four weeks ago and they are growing like crazy.  They all have survived so far although I am reading that there can still be a chance some will not survive for various reasons, but my chicks look very healthy and lively.  I keep their litter cleaned up; clean out the water bowl, and I got a new chick feeder from Tractor Supply that should keep the feed in place for them to eat.  They had been scratching the feed out of the lids I had provided.  This feeder is a red plastic with 30 holes on the top for each to reach into the feed tray.  They do tend to try to roost on top but not for long when other hungry ones knock them off.  I will have to get a larger waterer as my homemade one is now too little to keep them in fresh water.  This morning when I went out to check on them the water was empty.

My previous blog described the set up we currently have, but since they are growing so fast we plan to bring into the garage a large unused round water tank so they can spread out and run in it and still have a place we hang the warmer over for a warm spot inside and take a larger waterer and maybe one more plastic feeder trough.  I have them on Starter/Grower feed from the co-op and also a grit.  The chicken “scratch” grain I haven’t opened up yet but will wait until they are bit older.  I have been catching some grasshoppers and also giving them cut up lettuce/veggies and grass/weeds from the yard.   We don’t put any chemicals on the yard so I have no worries about ingesting harmful chemicals.

The coops are still being worked on since we have some time before they are ready to “move in” and the alpacas should be greatly amused that they have neighbors in their pastures.  Noodle, our guard llama, already likes to “play” with the rabbits in the pasture and I frequently see him prancing and dancing around  out there as I am sure the little bunnies are out playing tag with each other.


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