Moving to the country from the city

I wanted to make a note about our move further out to the country three years ago.  We did not blindly make the leap.  First of all, make sure it’s really where you want to be.  Away from the conveniences may be good or bad for you.  Be sure you take  a reality check; maybe pretend you are already there and do some test runs on how inconvenient it really would be for you.  We are within 15 minutes of our next largest town of just under 30,000 population that has all the stores we need. We are within 5 minutes of a Valero gas station/mini store, a small grocery, a donut shop, a pizza place, a Subway, an antique store, a Dollar General store, schools and church, and car repair; just enough to take care of us in case we don’t want to drive too far. I only drive to town once a week and run all my errands at once.  You will want to learn to economize your time, gas, vehicle usage.

Make a list of all the features you want in a property and stick to the list.  If you compromise in any way you may be letting yourself in for disappointment later in the choice you made.  Most important of all is what you want to buy: just land to build on, or land with house.  Do you require outbuildings like a barn immediately?   Does water and electric in outbuildings need to be in place right away?  It’s pricy to get those installed; make sure you have the funds.  Is fencing in place or need repair?  Have funds ready for that; also not cheap.  What type of land is it? Rolling and fairly smooth and wide open, or choppy/rough and lots of trees/brush to clear?  Clearing can be hired out; have funds in place.  However, rough ground cannot be fixed.  Your livestock may need to be fenced out of some areas.  Can predators get in that you don’t want in?  Is there standing water? Again, you may have to fence out your livestock from these areas.  Most importantly, how does the property handle the run off from rainstorms?  We luckily visited a property we were interested in after a rain, and it wasn’t even really a heavy downpour.  But the property was carrying run off from surrounding properties and it turned into a fast moving shallow river.  The quaint dry gullies we walked through earlier in the week turned into raging waterways.  We moved on to other properties. 

If you can, view your property after a rain and also at night, on weekends, and various other times.  It is amazing what lights may appear at night that might be intrusive to you (from schools and sports parks); what sounds you may pick up (one property had a raceway nearby that only ran Saturday nights but we wouldn’t have known otherwise); if you have potentially noisy neighbors or kids racing around on ATV’s or barking dogs.  Observe what power lines are around; are you in the flight path of an airport or military (someone we know has noisy military jets flying over regularly).  You may not notice the planes as much as at night where you can see their lights.  Is there a highway that may not be visible, but the sound of traffic carries and any breezes will bring those sounds your direction if close by.  Just be aware and don’t be blinded by the beautiful property in front of you.  The beauty will wear off fast if there are nuisances that cannot be resolved.  Our property met all of our requirements except we do have a nearby highway that carries some traffic noise.  We can live with that just fine since it varies.  Some days  there is hardly any traffic or noise.  It is our one exception to our list after looking for two years.  We are glad we did not compromise on any other properties and the house that came with this I would not trade for anything.  Take your time, don’t be in a hurry, and you will eventually find your dream place.  You will get discouraged but just know that you will be rewarded for your patience.


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