Breeding time for our Kona

Hershey Surprise
Hershey Surprise
Kona, after a roll in the grass

Kona, after a roll in the grass

Yesterday was the two week deadline for our female Dash who we put in the pasture with our Hershey Surprise herdsire.  I had witnessed breeding once and hopefully they had bred at other times I was not out at the barn.  Since, we had one more female to breed, we decided to switch the two girls. Dash went back with the females and Kona was brought in to Hershey’s pasture.  He was acting just like he did with Dash when she was first brought in, which was to be as far away from the girl as he could; for some reason he doesn’t like them invading his space so ignores them for awhile.  Eventually he gets friendly. 

We have one other boy we can use to breed with Kona if Hershey continues to ignore.  I don’t think he will but I sure would like him to speed things up a bit.  She acts like she will be ready whenever he decides he is.  Hurry up and wait is the time frame we are following right now.


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