Visiting alpacas

Hershey Surprise; evening grazing

Hershey Surprise; evening grazing

Our national organization, Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association (AOBA) has scheduled our 2nd annual National Alpaca Farm Days event.  Many states have recognized and issued a proclamation for this event weekend Sept 27-28. 

Many participating farms/ranches may choose to be open their choice of either day and/or both days.  You will want to check out the particular places you wish to visit and see what their hours and days are for this event in September.   Visitors will not be allowed in to the pastures or barns where the animals are, due to biosecurity concerns, but should have a good up close view through the fence at most farms/ranches.  There may also be some sheared fleece available to see and touch, some informational brochures, and each farm/ranch is on it’s own in creating an informative environment for their visitors.   Please be aware of hours each ranch opens and closes, every one can be different. 

If you are traveling a distance, try to map out several participating ranches within a travel proximity (mindful of open and close hours) and you can also find nearby restaurants and lodging, and make reservations to make it a weekend event.  Bring a camera and your questions.  It will be a fun day.

The AOBA link is below;

For more info on alpacas, here is a link:




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