My wonderful guard llamas

Noodle the guard llama

Noodle the guard llama

Usually the pastures are quiet, unless Nino the guard llama is pestering Stryker the alpaca and he gets tired of “playing”, then he lets out a couple of  squeals and I am sure a nip or two, to let Nino know he’s done.  But yesterday I had just taken the dog out for her afternoon potty break and I heard a really high pitched scream a couple of times.  I looked over just in time to see Stryker heading for the barn, with Nino close behind.  But wait, they were ALL heading for the barn.  The girls and their guard llama Noodle from their pastures running full steam in, and then Hershey and the boys in their pasture heading in.  I could see them all standing inside and looking out towards the east pastures.   There is a rise on the east side pastures that falls down and away and I can’t see past the barn unless I walk out to it and get to their vantage point.  So I grabbed my binoculars (invaluable on our large acreage) and walked out.  Our neighbor has a couple of dogs they are familiar with, and usually once they get familiar they don’t mind them as long as they stay on their side of the road. The alpaca pastures are all secure with electric wire top and bottom.

Once I got out to the barn, I could not see what alarmed them.  I have seen a stray white dog that crosses that far pasture wandering over to visit the dogs across the road.  I have seen them stop and watch but never call the alarm and run in.  Occasionally, I have seen a young coyote wandering around crossing from tree line to tree line during the heat of the day, but as long as he is moving away they don’t seem to be concerned.   So I am wondering what it was they saw, but thankful that Nino was aware and watching and made the call to get them all to safety.  It is an alarm call that almost sounds like a woman screaming.  It is rather eerie.  After the danger had passed and they felt safe, they ventured back out to their grazing and playing.


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