Chickens in coops

Well, as previously noted in some earlier blogs, my 30 chicks arrived June 4 at the post office at 6:30 in the morning, just chirping fuzzy  fluff, and July 4 we (actually, “we” means “just my husband, with my mental assistance”) started building three chicken coops; each coop to house 10 chickens.  I have 2 each of 5 different rare breeds, 10 guineas (6 white, 3 black/pearl, and 1 lavendar), and 10 Partridge Silkie bantams (boy, are they cute!).  All that’s left  on the first one is to attach the rolled roofing. 

So last night I moved ten of my chicks (now soon to be 8 weeks old) into the first completed coop.  I waited until evening so they were not so rambunctious and they were so “blobby” that after I caught them to transport them out, from garage to coop, I had to physically reach in and take them out and put them in the coop.  There they stayed put, not caring they were in a new place.  This morning everyone was up and about and eating and drinking and inspecting the new digs. 

The books say that to make them “stay” and know this is their home, to shut them in for two full days.  They have plenty of air circulation, food and water, and I have checked on them many times today and they are doing fine.  The temp this weekend is in the 107 degree range.   I have chicken wired around the base of the house (raised on concrete block) and wired around the ramp so they have a secure area to roam, inside and outside of their coop) until the two days are up. Then I will take down the chicken wire fencing and they are free to roam the pasture. 

We will finish up the next 2 coops and get the rest of them out on their own.  They are so neat to have and will keep the alpacas entertained.


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