Finally, some rain

After much waiting and anticipation, we have had rain most of today. Nothing torrential, but light and fairly steady.  The alpacas don’t like to be in the rain, but when it stops for awhile they get into the pasture and graze and then run in to the barn when it starts up again.  They also like the cooler temps.

The chickens were in the pasture en masse when the rain started this morning but have retreated either under the coop or inside.  They really like their new coop and it is very roomy for them.  I like it because it is perfect so that I don’t have to actually walk into it. It’s an A-frame, depth is 4 feet from front door to nest box/back wall, 8 feet long/wide, and 8 feet high.  I can reach from the door everything I need to do.  When the next boxes are in place and they actually start laying, I can also reach from the door to gather any eggs.  We may incorporate an egg gathering back door into the next boxes, but will wait and see on that.  The A frame eliminates their roosting on it because of the steep pitch and height.

The hummingbirds have been zinging all over this past week.  We have 3 regulars for sure and they like to chase each other off any one of the 3 feeders in the backyard.  Last year, during migration, we had a hard time counting all the visitors, but we think around 20 visited our feeders in the fall before moving on.  It’s interesting to know that the only way to get a hummingbird is to put up a feeder.  I would never have thought there were any out here but we have consistently had 3 since we moved out here 3 years ago.  Where they ar nesting I have no clue but during the day they hang out in the pine or the chinese pistache trees to be near the feeders.  Today there is one who is hanging out and enjoying the rain just sitting atop the feeder and fluffing his feathers for the rain to wash.  He’s right outside my computer desk window so I have an up close view.


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