Water catchment, cisterns, water tanks

My last water bill was the highest it’s been since we’ve been living on the property the past three years.  It wasn’t outrageous, and since we provide water for our neighbor’s grazing cattle in return for his maintaining 60 of our acres, it is bearable.  And our 6 alpacas and 2 llamas get buckets refilled twice a day with a cleaning out of the mud at the bottom of each bucket (their grazing brings the dry dirt to their mouth and it falls in the bucket when they drink).  But I am always thinking, especially when we are in the middle of a heavy rain, that how great  it would be to capture free rainwater. 

I have been doing research and am curious if anyone has a catchment system in place.  Did you buy the system or design your own?  I have seen simple designs on the Mother Earth website, and have found some websites like watertanks.com and catchtherain.com.  I would want to hook into the downspouts on the barn so I can fill up livestock buckets and chicken waterers easily and “free”.  Also the downspouts around the house that are not visible to the public or to me when inside the house would let me water the flowers and vegetable garden without worry of expense.  We are also on a voluntary water rationing for the county and I follow their rules (even number addresses on certain days, odd numbers on certain days and no watering on weekends).

I have to research the size of barrels I will need to compensate for the days there is no rain.  I need enough stored up so it is there when I need it. 

I have come across large empty pool chemical containers I can get for a few cents, but it will take too many of those to hold plenty of water.  I have also considered using livestock troughs where the downspout is designed to dump the water in it and then all I need to figure out is a sturdy cover to fit it.  Then it would just be a matter of dipping a bucket in it to fill.

So if anyone has any experience with this, I am glad to hear comments.  I would also like to get ideas of using “free” items for catchment.


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