Tropical Storm Fay’s wrath

Well, we finally got rain. Some areas in Texas got hit really hard. The storm is stalling and just dumping inches and inches of rain. Rain is in our forecast for the next week.   The land can’t absorb it so quickly so it is flooding areas.  A previous blog of mine detailed how we found our property after two years of looking.  One of the things I mentioned in evaluating property is to visit after a rain has gone through.  You can see where water is flowing so you don’t make a mistake of building in the path.  Some properties may not work for you if water stands or flows in certain spots.  To know where these areas are  on your property is important in placement of a house, barn or driveways.  You don’t want to have to repair or pump out after each  rain or have impassable roads into your property.  We saw several properties that we knew would be problems and so we moved on in our search.  What we found has been perfect for us with no weather related issues.

The rain is welcome however, and has cooled off our temps and the alpacas and llamas have been busy out in the pastures munching on new grasses coming in now.  The chickens have been busy hunting for bugs. 

I have been seeing some migratory birds; I took a pic of one yesterday that I have never seen before and will search to find out  what it is.  It is very beautiful with a grey head and the belly is yellow-orange. I have seen some flycatchers and our resident mockingbirds are still here.  The swallows are here in the evenings swooping for insects and the hummingbirds are here all day chasing each other from feeder to feeder to trees.  Our count has increased to 5 now and more will appear as they move through the area. 

This is the time of year I clean up around the flower beds and I hope to get some fall vegetables planted this weekend to try; not sure yet what to choose.  I also have an area along the south side of the house I want to dig up for a flower bed.  I will get it all ready to plant some kind of  evergreen bushes this fall that won’t grow too tall and I want to get some very nice crepe myrtles included.  I just love them and they are very easy to care for.  They will give me some needed shade on the windows and house in the summer.


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  1. August 21, 2008 at 1:17 PM

    It is known as a typhoon in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Storm Windows

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