Farmer’s markets become more popular

I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs about sites like LocalHarvest ,, that can be researched online to find a farm near you selling goods you may want to buy. Take a look and see all the kinds of things offered. Some places ship goods, or you can search by zipcode for a farm or market near you.  The usual things like milk, eggs, beef, lamb, chicken, or the unusual like honey and lavendar are waiting to be enjoyed.  The economy and uncertainty of where some of our food comes from makes it even more necessary to see what is homegrown in your state or nearby town. 

Sign up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) offered by a farm near you.  For a small fee they will sign you up as a customer; once they fill their quota of customers they will close the sign up for the year or season.  They have to make sure they have enough goods for their customers so they won’t have so many they can’t fill orders. 

Right now people are ordering their holiday turkeys.  See where the nearest pumpkin farm is.  Who is marketing fall vegetables.  Need compost?  Look no further.  How about handmade soaps or fragrances?  The list of services is endless.  Some take their products to a weekly farmer’s market.  The popularity of farmer’s markets means you should find one near you most weekends.   Take a look and enjoy food and goods from your community.


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