Alpacas in the Fall

Well we had a nice turnout for our National Alpaca Days.  It is interesting that no one actually was from this immediate area; they all drove a distance to see the alpacas, feel the fleece, get some literature and enjoy the country.  We hope to have a holiday farm day sometime in November and additionally have products for sale. We do have one pregnant girl that should have her cria by then. 

The chickens are all doing well and enjoy their coops.  I do have 3 guinea fowl that just don’t care to go in at night; they roost on top of the coop.  I call them The Three Stooges.  Unfortunately, a couple of the other guineas in another coop seem to be learning their bad behavior.  I have a feeling that will all change when the winter winds start to blow.  For now they are enjoying the crisp fall evenings.  I hear the owls hooting in the tree lined edge of our 104 acres when I am out closing up the coops and always fear they will be owl dinner, but so far they have avoided that fate.

The chickens are getting close to laying age and my calendar has a note to switch to layer feed in a couple weeks.  I have to get them fixed up with nesting boxes.  I found dishpans at the $1 store and will try them out.  Since they are plastic they will clean out easily and be lightweight and indestructible.

I am starting to think about Christmas gifts; with the economy we will scale back our spending this year;  I am also looking at making some cute soaps and sewing some hanging kitchen hand towels.  I subscribe to a blog, Tipnut, that I found to be fun and helpful, try it and see if you don’t find some info to help you out in some way

The only veggies I planted this year were tomatoes and they really didn’t take off until after the hot summer ended.  They are now loaded with blooms and I have already taken a dozen large ripe tomatoes with plenty more growing.   My favorite flower Impatiens have also revived after the hot weather; I thought they were gonners.  But they revived into large bushy plants that are exquisite in the shade.

My September/October shady garden

My September/October shady garden




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