Cool weather alpacas

The alpacas today are enjoying the cool temps and the rain that has come in.  They don’t like to be out in the rain so they are all cushed next to the hay tubs in the barn munching at the hay.  Some chickens and guinea fowl are relaxing in the space too.  I always get the pastures cleaned up good before a rain so there are no soggy poop piles to deal with when the rain leaves. 

My alpacas are very good at pooping outside in the rain, although the poop pile will be close by so they don’t have to get very wet.  It has been a rare occasion when they have pooped in the barn, but when they do I break them of it by keeping after them and cleaning  up the pile asap and sprinkling Stall Dry over the spot and carrying in a bucket of sand or dirt to spread on top to eliminate any scent that may take them back to the same spot.

I am watching Flash who is pregnant and we expect she will have her cria within the next month.  Since we just brought them on-site last November, it will be our first cria here at our farm. 

We are trying to get all repairs/maintenance completed before the cold weather arrives.  I still have a final coat of paint to put on the last 2 coops.  We had a water faucet in the barn fail so my husband is working on repairing that.  If you get any water lines installed at any time, be sure a professional plumber does the job.  When we hired the guy to put up our metal barn he said he could also install water lines.  Well he did, but the job was not done the way it should have been so this line is proving to be challenging to figure out what was connected to what and with what, plus he glued the fittings so that meant cutting out pvc threading from the inside of a cast pipe.  We put in three calls to him and he never returned a single call.  We have marked him off our referral list to others.  We are happy to refer anyone who has done a fine job for us.  He did do a fine job with the barn, but returning phone calls is number one in customer service.  Be sure to have a backup plan in case of a situation like this where you have no water.  We are able to have several lengths of hose connected to our exterior house faucet and reach into the barn which is directly across from our driveway/garage.

I hope to configure the downspouts on the back of the barn to add rain barrels and I can reduce some expense in watering the animals by being able to fill buckets from the barrels.  In the summer they drink the most water of course so that would be a cost savings.

I have someone coming by to look at the fleece I have for sale.  She also needed a local supplier of some spinning supplies so I tracked down some shops and have them all mapped from Mapquest  and with phone numbers so she can go see what they have.  Do not underestimate customer service in it’s smallest form.


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