Recycling and composting

It doesn’t take much for any of us to do something to reduce, reuse, recycle.  No matter how small of a step to you, it can only lead to bigger and better things and teach awareness of our environment to our younger people.

Junk mail is the first thing to start with.  Set up a narrow  kitchen plastic trash can in a corner of the laundry room or garage. Find them cheaply at one of the “dollar” stores or better yet, recycle one found at a garage sale or on Craigslist.  Then toss everything into it, even empty boxes from processed foods, the cards that fall out of magazines, then the magazines after they are read, the empty envelopes from the bills, the daily newspaper after reading, etc., etc.  You will be surprised how quickly this container fills up.

Under my kitchen sink I have 3 small trash cans and nothing else.  One is for plastics, one is for glass, and one is for cans.  In the garage I have larger plastic containers I empty these into.  Once a week on my weekly trip into town, I load up the plastic containers in the back of the Explorer and stop at the recycling center and empty everything.  I don’t waste gas as this is on my way to where I am going.  Take gloves and some hand wipes to stay germ free. I don’t have to really touch anything when I am there; all the doors are open to empty into.  It is very painless and it will make you feel good in the process.  Look into taking some of your metals to the local metal recycler; they pay you cash. 

I found a great website.  Try for some good info.  Read the blog and sign up for the weekly newsletter too.



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