Eggs for the table

Well, I have successfully raised my chicks to the egg laying phase.  They just started this past week.  I have 3 coops my husband the architect built and they each are in separate pastures, close to each other but with pasture fencing separating them.  They do have some places where they can go under the fence into   adjoining pastures, but generally each coop has developed it’s own clique and they don’t mingle much with the other coop members.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

So the coop with 10 Partridge Silkie Bantams (9 pullets, 1 cockerel) has started laying; at least 2 of the females it would appear.  I initially found an egg outside of the coop on the ground, then I found one inside another day, and since then I find 2-4 inside the coop each day, usually in the morning when I let them out for the day.    I have set them up nesting boxes but so far they don’t care for them; I will make some improvements so maybe they will have an interest to lay there.  I now have over a dozen eggs this week, but since they are smaller (I read 3 bantam eggs equals one regular size) then by the weekend we should have enough for our first omelet of “homemade” eggs.  Their eggs are a nice warm beige color; if an egg can be cute, theirs are!

Even though I have seen hawks flying around our 104 acres, I have not yet lost any poultry to them.  It could be the alpacas and guineas keep them scared off, or because the coops are sitting so close to the barn.  They are also raised up on concrete block corners so the birds can take cover underneath.  However, they tend to really like the barn during the day and I find them burrowed in the alpacas hay bins, or in the cool sand of the barn floor where they have scratched themselves out a nice resting place and clucking softly, contentedly resting from their recent foraging expedition in the pastures.


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