Places to find answers

There are so many places now to find help with any questions you might have on any subject.  Since moving to our 104 acres in 2005, there have been so many questions.  In many of the places I looked, I found a reference to a book that everyone said “you have to have” if you have any country living related questions.  It was a bit pricey but I kept watching for  a bargain price. The book is by the late Carla Emery, entitled  The Encyclopedia of Country Living, and this year it is in it’s 10th revised edition.  I searched Amazon and found it at an amazing $16 brand new through AbeBooks.  I am so glad I finally got it; it has so much info, including reference material like book names with authors, recommended newsletters, magazines and websites on most of the subject material written about.  Go to and click the books sections and look under this author name or book title for more info.  Some subjects: Grasses/Grains, Food Preservation, Animals (bees, sheep, pig, etc), Dairying, Herbs, Housekeeping, Recipes, for food or soaps, etc, How to buy your land, How to build your house or cabin, Government Resources, How to Pinch a Penny, etc. 

.  There is no way to explain how comprehensive this book is (922 pages, 8 1/2 x 11) and interwoven is the authors personal story as well as commens from readers over the years providing more info for Carla Emery.  It originally started as several memeographed pages, stapled together, all from her kitchen table.  That was in 1969.   I hope you can buy or check out this book from your library (it even describes inside how to go the library and have them find a book for you from another library, shipped to them and checked out by you).  I purchased this as a birthday present to myself this year.


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