Alpacas in the rain

We finally had some tremendous thunderstorms yesterday and last night; more are expected tonight.  My one pregnant girl is due anytime, so I wanted the girls to stay out of the wetness as much as possible since the winds were predicted to be high and I needed the barn to stay somewhat dry.  On their end of the barn ( 30’wx50’long, it runs north to south, with a rollup door on the east side and a matching opening with no door on the west side that opens into an fence enclosed area I call the “night pasture”).  I closed their roll up door to keep them in the barn and night pasture area. 

The boys right now share their barn space (built same as the girls with a roll up door; an opening on the west leading into their night pasture)  split down the middle with a fence to keep the herdsire in his own side (he fusses with the other boys) so closing their door is usually not necessary unless some truly bad weather or freezing precip is expected. 

It is great to have this flexibility.  The girls stayed dry and munched hay inside during the storm; this morning they wandered out into their fenced night pasture area until I went out and rolled up the door so they could get out into the soggy pastures.  My pregnant girl is still “with child”; something should happen sometime this month.  Stay tuned for updates.


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  1. November 12, 2008 at 12:27 AM

    Yes the rain today in East Texas came in with a wild gust of wind. The juvie alpacas and my new cria born this week were too stupid to get in the barn, and all got soaked. I had to go out in a tremendous wind and round them up and get them in the barn.

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