Alpacas and fiber–what to do with it?

Alpaca fleece is so soft; even the stuff I have not skirted properly but just run through with my fingers to get out the big stickery stuff.  I just had my first sale of fleece  to a local resident who is planning to try her hand at spinning her own yarn because she doesn’t like the commercial yarns on the shelf.  She can make her yarns bulkier to her liking.  She will be back because she only bought 3 bags of fleece and she wants some more from the other alpacas she didn’t get this time. She is bringing a friend next time who also wants to try some.

 I haven’t aggressively promoted the fleece, but did during the recent National Alpaca Farm Days event.  I also have it listed out on the national Local Harvest website.  I will also take some fleece to drop off at some area knitting stores and let some of their customers try it for free, then I plan to leave some with the stores to put on their shelves for sale.


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