The week before Christmas

In Texas sometimes it is hard to get into the holiday spirit when there is no snow and it’s warm out.  My husband and I are from Kansas but have lived in Texas since 1982. 

We love Texas but I miss the winter snow sometimes.  What I love about Texas is that when it does get cold, down into the 30’s, it doesn’t stay there long.  This past week we had an ice day and some temps down below 30, but Saturday they are predicting we will hit 70, but Sunday will be in the mid 30’s for a couple or so days again.  It is a challenge keeping the water buckets de-iced and the chickens with water to drink.  I hand carried some warm water from the house out to the barn to help refresh everyone. 

We took advantage of the nice temps on Saturday and after we got back from participating in a 9 a.m. Christmas  parade by the city of Sachse (we rode in the Sachse  Historical Society float; we are still involved with that org. after living in Sachse for several years) we  gathered more firewood back in the trees that line our 100 acre property.  We cut up the fallen trees and stack them out of the way of the cows and load up what we need in our polywagon pulled behind the lawntractor.  We had one or two that had been hit by lightning; others just naturally died and fell and have seasoned.  By Sunday we were ready to throw some of those logs on the fire  and boy did they burn nicely.  We are ready for the next round of bad weather coming Sunday.


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