Making hay while the sun (doesn’t) shine

Old Sayings. Wise Words. Idioms.  I just love these. I have actually put a link under blogroll in the left column and you can see others or sign up to have some delivered daily.


Make hay while the sun shines

Take advantage of favorable circumstances; they may not last.   1

I used this particular one because on Wednesday evening as I was feeding alpacas and shutting in the chickens, the weather was so nice.  The wind was calm, the temperature was warm enough I was getting warm to the point of shedding my jacket, which I finally did. 

I knew it was supposed  to turn bitter cold the next day so I took advantage of the moment and did some pasture maintenance.  That is what I meant by using the idiom in the title today.  The sun was not shining but I decided to take advantage of the great weather.  It was dark but the lights on our barn light six pastures quite adequately out several hundred feet.  The alpacas in most of those pastures have a  poop pile somewhat near to their barn entrances and I have great access to quickly clean up.  As you may or may not know, the alpacas create one communal dung pile in each of their pastures and clean up is required to help control  parasites.  I was so glad I did take that little bit of time because it really is cold these past two days.  Luckily it will not last, and this weekend will be back into the 60’s and next week into the 70’s.

Look up some of your favorite idioms.  Some other favorites since I have chickens, is: ” don’t count your chickens before they hatch”, and “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.


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