Spring is springing

Spring is my favorite time of year. Who can resist the little daffodils?  They grab my attention.  But ususally I see flowering quince first.  I want to plant some of that.  At our other house I planted a row of Bardford Pear trees and I loved seeing them all in bloom.  I want to plant a row of those here too.  The David Austin roses are leafing out and soon I should have some pretty blooms, I hope, like last year.

the form is perfect

the form is perfect


The alpacas are out grazing almost all day; not much brome grass has sprung up yet but what is up they are really working to munch on.  I was out in the pasture yesterday filling in holes in the ground (rabbits,mice?) so they wouldn’t trip or worse, break a leg, and noticed the grass is coming in really nice. Tthey have not been chowing down on the hay as much.  I just restocked but I think maybe have overstocked a little. 

I worked on cleaning the chicken coops; they really aren’t terribly bad.  My first flock of chickens and they have been delightful.  I have 3 coops in separate pastures so they will spread out and eat bugs galore.  I have used the deep litter method, and sprinkling with Stall Dry to keep down any odor, absorb moisture, and lay down diotomaceous earth to help eliminate bugginess.  They are all healthy and active.

my pretty Partridge Silkie bantams

my pretty Partridge Silkie bantams

img_0013And I really like that here in north Texas spring arrives earlier than it does in Kansas.  We may have a late, errant cold snap around Easter but starting in February we can usually count on mild days sprinkled in with some colder ones.  The warm, windless days are the best and we take full advantage by getting out and doing as much as we can around the place.  Today I am off to get more chicken feed and then do some more “pasture maintenance” (alpaca’s poop pile cleanup).


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