Five management tips to use on the ranch

We all discover a little tool or helpful hint that makes our life a little easier each day. Here are 5 of my favorites so far:
1. an old tire around a 5 gal bucket I use to water the animals (keeps alpacas from kicking them over and chickens like to stand on tire and drink from the bucket too)
2. A little keychain penlight/alarm holds exterior building keys (the light is handy to light my way and check on the chickens after dark); bought at Dollar Tree for one dollar
3. plastic tubs also bought at Dollar tree for one dollar each; used as nesting boxes (husband built a frame with the cut out narrow enough that the box drops into and hangs by the lip surround; easy to take out and easy to clean)
4. A big thermometer bought at Dollar Tree for one dollar; hangs inside each chicken coop and the barn to keep an eye on hot or cold temps and monitor animal health
5. old unusable metal water troughs salvaged from our pastures; I keep all my feeds in these; mice cannot climb up and into and the feed stays organized and dry; they are not pretty (bent and dented) but that’s okay, they are in the barn storage area


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