St. Patrick’s Day in Texas

We have had a nice 3 days of rain; we got around 4 inches or so. Not enough to put a dent in the drought but anything helps, especially when the pastures are trying to green up and grow.  The days were dreary but now the sun is out and temp will reach almost 80’s through the weekend for sure. The pastures are already drying out in their muddier areas. 

The worst muddy spots are really boggy, just outside the barn leading to their pasture area.  The only alternative it would appear is to bring in loads of pea gravel and pack it in solid in those spots.  We just might have to.

The chickens didn’t mind the wet and mucky.  The only bad thing was they tracked the muck into their coops, but the great shavings absorbed it well.  My local farmer’s co-op has the really fine shavings, not quite a sawdust buto pretty close.  I like that the best.  It’s already well on it’s way to decomposition and absorbs so much better than the larger shavings.  I can also use a cat litter scoop and keep the nest boxes cleaned out.  I have a very oversized outdoor thermometer (get  one for $1 at Dollar Tree) hanging on the wall opposite the door so I can monitor temp when I open the door and I have a cat litter scoop hanging in a reachable spot for me.  I clean out the nests each morning and just toss the scooped out muck into the floor of the coop and swish it into the shavings.  I also use Stall Dry to keep coops from smelling and it has diatomaceous  earth in it which helps with any little buggies from living and also absorbs moisture.


I did a quick mow around the house before the rains and the area farmers were busy in their fields fertilizing  from daylight into the dark evenings to get everything done before the rains came.  I think they just  made it.


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