The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

How appropro that the name of this song from the musical Annie is what we have been singing the past few weeks.  So much rain, we are just mush around here.  The pastures have not had so much standing water since I can remember, and we have been here 4 years now.  Finally, this week, we are supposed to have sun each and every day.  We need to mow the pastures to get some weeds down so we can see grass, if there is any that hasn’t drowned.

I have to call USDA and get someone out to look at the pastures and get us on some kind of yearly program to maintain through whatever means to keep the grass in good form and the weeds out.  A couple of pastures have good grasses and few weeds; the other two pastures really are weedy and alpacas don’t eat the coarse weeds generally like goats or sheep do.

So, this week, before the Memorial Weekend, we are crossing our fingers that there will NOT be any rain and we can enjoy some time outside in the sun. The alpacas are loving it; I look out and seem them spread out on their side in the sun, not moving, except for maybe an ear to follow a sound.  We all missed our sunshine these past few weeks.


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