Chicken coops and predators

IMG_0030We have our coops  near each other but in 3 different fenced alpaca pastures; the chickens scratched a low spot under the fence lines so they could travel to the other coops and pastures to visit each other. 

It is interesting because none of the chickens has scratched under the perimeter fencing and gotten out.  They are safe in the alpaca pastures because they are securely fenced with hotwires on the top and bottom along the exterior.   There has been the occasional snake out in the pasture but the guard llamas really pay attention and pester them until they find a way out of the pasture.  I have not had any chicken losses in the past year since they have been free ranging.  Their coops are raised on concrete blocks with a ramp up to the chicken door into the coop.

I cannot explain why this would be other than the perimeter fencing was installed close to the ground and is pretty tight along the ground and thick with grass we keep trimmed under the wire.  When they are roaming the pastures they are finding things to eat and there is no reason to leave for “greener pastures”.  I have been glad they have not wanted to leave their secure yards.


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