Finish up in May

Can you believe May is almost over?  We are still battling the rains. Recently they have been more of an inconvenience than anything. A few days of bad weather, then it breaks long enough to dry out the top layer of soil before it rains again. Our neighbor was busy getting the first cutting of hay in. I am not so sure about his wheat; it is looking less golden and more grey so it may be lost which is unfortunate because it was a beautiful field of gold before all the rains.

A couple of the alpacas pastures are looking rather soggy and the grass does not seem to have come in well. I may need to see about doing some seeding in there before the hot weather hits.

The chickens have done just fine. I did find a nest of eggs under some tall grass next to the chicken coop. Now I know where to watch and also keep that grass trimmed down so they can’t hide. They have been laying real well and I have one regular customer and a couple of others who have contacted me. If I can sell most of the eggs it will at least pay for their feed with a little extra left over to go towards the alpaca’s feed.

Enjoy the week. We are getting more rain this week with a hard rain already today, but the sun is shining brightly right now.


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