The vegetable garden

I am so afraid of failure that I don’t plant much in the garden. This year I expanded from last year’s two tomato plants to six this year. They are flourishing and have blooms on them now. Can’t wait for those flavorful vegs.

I did not like them when I was young and could not understand my father holding one like an apple and biting into it, exclaiming how good it was. Yuck! But now, I understand. I have been buying them at the grocer’s since late November just to have something red in the salad, but not really tasting like much.

And also, the green peppers this year. None last year, and six this year. I have these planted in raised beds but will have to get chicken wire put up to keep the bunnies out. (Even though the beds are raised, they easily get in. I have found nests of little bunny babies during the winter.) The green peppers are super expensive (most recently, over $1 each!), and more recently the quality has gone downhill and the price has also, but so has the size of the pepper.

I might just try my hand at carrots and lettuce when planting time rolls around again. I have one more raised bed I can use; right now I have sown wildflower seed in it so I can have some flowers in the summer for cuttings.

I do have alpaca manure and the chicken coop litter I use for fertilizer. I also am using the Epsom Salt recipe for the vegs to add important minerals to the soil.

My fingers are crossed that bugs or bunnies don’t devour the plants before we can sample our vegs.


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