Happy Birthday, Summer

ASR Summer Surprise

ASR Summer Surprise

ASR Summer Surprise is our new female cria born exactly one month ago today.  This is our first cria and so we are new to what their development is like.

After first standing on wobbly legs a month ago, she is now becoming a “big girl”, venturing away from mom occasionally but always running back, inspecting the chickens, munching on grass in the pasture, drinking from the water buckets and using the communal poop pile (scooped/maintained on a daily basis).  Typically they are weaned from their mothers at about six months of age.  

She has been fun to watch and luckily there have been no health issues to concern us.  She is due for her first vaccination within the next couple weeks according to the vet and we will have him do a blood draw so we can get her registered and blood typed to confirm parentage.


curious about the camera

curious about the camera



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