Is it just luck?


If it is fate or just good luck, we have found that being patient pays off.  If you don’t have to hurry and buy something, whether it’s a new car or a piece of land, sometimes fate gives you what you want, and more. 

Ten years ago our van was on the brink of falling apart.  We had driven it well for ten years and it was a good investment.  Now it was time to replace it.  We looked and looked at vehicles. We even almost signed paperwork on a vehicle but the salesman was just not consistent in the final numbers; they kept changing along with the interest rate.  We walked out, papers not signed.  A week later I got a call that I had won a Saturn LS in a  contest and I have had that car now for ten years and it is still wonderful and looks like new.  I was able to choose what I wanted and got the superdeluxe with leather, sunroof, sound system, etc., etc.  It has exceeded all my expectations with great gas mileage to boot, usually around 30 mpg.  My daughter bought herself a sporty Saturn 3-door coupe a year after I got mine and also has had an excellent experience.

It is sometimes mind boggling to think about ever moving to the country.  It was for us.  We didn’t know anything about it.  I started to write here about how we found ours, and it turned into a minibook.  So next week I will break out the steps, one each day, to talk about.  My-husband-the-architect thankfully has knowledge about what it takes to design and build a great house, we designed and built our last one.  However, we didn’t know anything about buying land to raise animals on or maintain pasture.  There are some important considerations before buying.

We have found that patience, research, and “needs” lists, help make a wise and lasting purchase decision.  In these economic times, spending wisely is  so important.  Next week I will try to outline some considerations, as well as some handy resources.  It is not impossible to find your place.


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