My wonderful veggies

Tomatoes and green peppers
Tomatoes and green peppers

I had only tomatoes last year and got enough to keep us eating fresh tomatoes into November from a couple of plants.    This year I planted six plants and they are growing like crazy.  I have realized I planted them too close together and so at some points during the day they are shading each other.  I will change that next year.

I did not have green peppers last year but we use them alot and they are expensive.  Right now they are going for over $1.50 EACH at the market.  I planted six plants and they are growing like crazy too.  Possibly I even planted them too close so I will space them out better next year.  

green peppersJuly green peppers


I have raised beds that came with the place, but we plan to add some more since we have some of our old fenceposts stacked and stored we can use.

Here are some before and after pics.  I planted after the last big freeze at Easter; the cool weather and rain in the spring I think slowed down the growth and the vegs weren’t ready to pick until June.  As the weather cools into the fall they should start another growth spurt.

late spring tomatoes

late spring tomatoes

summer tomatoes

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