Should you live rural?

Not everyone wants to live in the country.  We had our first reaction from our realtor of all people.  I have to interject that she was not up to speed on interacting well with people we came to find out.  That’s not something you can determine up front when you are working with a realtor.  But  you don’t have to stick with that person if no contract was signed.  She happened to be the realtor who showed us the property we decided on buying.  Most realtors will be positive about the property and point out the good things; she seemed to be just the opposite. She just had not been in the business long enough, although she was a “mature” woman.  Her reaction to living in the country on 104 acres was “won’t you be scared at night all the way out here”.  My comment as I recall was “heavens, no”. 

So, can you expect everyone you know to be enthusiastic of your decision to live rural?  Probably not.  If they don’t like dirt, bugs, snakes, spiders, coyotes, skunks, racoons, mice, and the myriad wildlife the country brings, as well as the seclusion and distance from the city, then your friends may not visit often.  Be prepared to accept that you may have to trek to their houses in the city for a visit. 

And if you have children, take into consideration the inconvenience to activities, friends and their parents, who may not like driving all the way to your house to drop them off for a sleepover. Our kids were in Select Soccer clubs, baseball and basketball all through high school, so we really had to stay in the city so trips to practices and games were not lengthy.   

Will your kids be happy?  It would be my advice to wait to move until the kids are older, maybe after high school, which would give you more freedom to move from the city, unless they are willing to drop all their activities and start anew in their new community.  Going cold turkey on good friendships is harder for kids unless the move must  improve THEIR education and opportunities.


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