My peeps

I will repeat again, I loooove my chickens.  Going from zero to 30 a year ago last June was probably craziness on my part, but they are so fun.  I love having different varieties because they are all such different styles and colorings, as well as personalities. 

I got 10 guineas, 10 Silkie Partridge bantams (luckily 9 hens and only 1 cockerel) and then 10 pullets (females) of 5 different rare breed types (2 of each breed).  Interesting to note that the rare breeds seemed to pair up by breed.  Although all the poultry mingle around with everyone, the pairs tend to watch out for each other and stick together wherever they go, even roosting as pairs.

In the meantime I did have some losses, natural and also predator (racoon and/or skunk).  I expected that so I think that’s why I got so many to start with was I wasn’t sure how much loss I would have.  We have lots of red tailed hawks and kestrels but I don’t think I have lost any to those.  The predator losses were at night during the summer heat when I left the coop chicken doors open for more ventilation at night.  A few nights later I discovered my losses and now I shut them up each night no matter what.  We do have good ventilation in there even closed up.

So a year later the Buff Wyandotte girls shared a nest box and hatched a couple chicks who are growing like weeds and now totally independent of the hens.  They are sticking together everywhere they go too.


my pretty Norwegian Jaerhon hen

my pretty Norwegian Jaerhon hen

My Norwegian Jaerhon is the only chicken who flies up on top of the fencing in the barn (separating girls from boys and feed storage area) and likes to mosey around the feed storage and see what she can find to eat.

 Last week I uncovered the last of the hay bales stored in the barn and found 12 eggs in a nest she forgot about apparently.  They were no good so I threw them out, but how she found her way under the tied up tarp and next to the hay bales is beyond me.  She is so pretty.  Her gal pal had a problem where her crop would just get so full and I tried to help her empty but it kept filling so eventually she expired.  I would get more of these.

The other ones I really like are my Buff Wyandottes.

They are calm and quiet and these two girls hatched out a couple of cute chicks, crossed with the Partridge Silkie bantam, so the chicks have feathered feet with some dark patches on the wings.  Having the hens hatch chicks is the easy way to go.  They take care of everything for the chicks including feeding and keeping them safe and warm.

Buff Wyandotte hen and chicks

Buff Wyandotte hen and chickssee my feathered feet

feathered foot chick

feathered foot chick


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