Chickens eating donuts

Did you see the article about the doctor in Florida who was fired for the sign he posted outside his clinic?|main|dl5|link5|

It got me wondering if chickens can eat anything they want to?  I know I read not to feed them citrus or onions (changes flavor of eggs), but does anything create a health issue for them?  I Googled everything I could think of (chickens eat donuts, can chicken eat donuts, chickens eating donuts, etc) and nothing came up in the first couple search pages that would give me an answer. 

We don’t eat donuts, but I do feed them other leftovers we might have that we won’t eat (watermelon rinds are a favorite, also tomatoes, sometimes the dried ends of the bread, oatmeal when I fix too much, “ditto” scrambled eggs, etc.)   Of course I do always feed them their laying crumbles with oyster shell.

I will just keep doing what I do, but I think I will check with our small town donut shop and see if they ever have leftovers at days’ end that I could have to feed the chickens, but keep hidden from my husband who might try to sneak some bites before the chickens do. 

goodies from the house

goodies from the house


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