Hummingbirds migrating

Don't come near my feeder

Don't come near my feeder

As soon as we moved here I got hummingbird feeders.  You don’t know you have hummers around until you hang out the feeders.  I bought three to hang; 2 in backyard and 1 in front yard, but I am going to get some more.  The hummers are migrating now and we will see more action as they move through.  We have 4 or so that hang out here all summer.  When they migrate, we may have 20 or more feeding.

I have not been really happy with the ones I bought and have replaced a couple different kinds because they just deteriorated and looked bad.  I found my favorite feeders at Wal-Mart for under $4.  What I really like about them is several features that make using this easier than others.  You will see it in the picture above.

First, the clear tube holding the sugar water mix has a WIDE mouth that screws into the base.  The others I had were like bottles and openings so small I could never get a brush in there to clean out the gunk that accumulates.  This one I can get my kitchen sponge into easily and clean.

Secondly, the base is easy, easy to open and clean.  It has no baffles inside that collect gunk.  The ring around the outside is nice for the hummers to sit on and drink.  The flat openings don’t have any “flower” attachments that collect junk and that wasps like to congregate on.  The top of the base separates from the bottom of the base and locks in place in the middle.

Thirdly, the size is perfect.  If you get too big of a unit you are wasting the nectar.  You are supposed to change out the nectar every 3 days or so and put in fresh.  I don’t have so many hummers that they drink it all up sooner than that. 

I just love these.  I am buying more.  These might be sold at other places but I am always on the lookout for a really logical and economical feeder. 

Also, don’t buy the packaged nectar; make your own quickly, cheaply, and easily.  No matter what the marketing message says, they don’t need the packaged nectar and don’t need any extra “vitamins” or anything else.

Recipe for nectar (don’t use any food coloring; keep it clear):

a.  1 part sugar to 4 parts water (example: 1 cup sugar,  4 cups water)

b.  boil the water in the microwave or on the stove to purify it (I also use the water out of my refrigerator purifier pitcher)

c.  add the sugar (use pure sugar, no Splenda or sugar substitutes)  while the water is still hot and stir to disolve

d.  cool the nectar in the refrig and then clean and refill your feeders; refill every 3 days; they love the fresh nectar.  

Here is the link to the manufacturer of this feeder.  Enjoy!


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