Preparing for Fall

When Spring rolls in I can never imagine I will ever again be ready for winter, but it seems by the time Fall is here each year, I am ready.  Although we live on 104 acres, we only have to “work” the 8 we actually live on and keep alpacas and chickens on.  The rest we have an agreement with a neighbor to let him graze his cattle and keep those acres maintained for us by mowing,  planting, fertilizing as he needs to in order to graze his cattle.  

We just got our first load of hay from our neighbor, covered and stored for winter use.  Trying to get their little pastures renovated.  I cleaned out and reorganized the barn (really, not much there, but I kept putting it off, even knowing it could be improved).  It looks and feels so much nicer inside.

Keeping the hummingbird feeders full (they are migrating through and eating twice as much for the journey ahead) and watching the pecan tree so the crows don’t get the crop (they bear nuts every other year only).  The green peppers in the garden are absolutely huge and need to be picked and stored (chopped and frozen), and getting the flower beds renovated and weeds pulled (the zinnias, cosmos and cannas are still blooming).  The grass is still growing so mowing, and then caulking around and painting where needed outside the house.

We both work full time, so the weekends are our “work”-ends.  As much as I love working outside, I am now ready for a few months of “rest” (i.e., not “as much” to do outside).  Here in East Texas we will usually see our first hint of spring in February, so the wait is not too long.  We will continue to work outside all winter, but some things like mowing that take several hours a weekend will not have to be done very often to free up some time to work on other things and get ready for the holidays. I want to do some sewing, jelly and jam making, and other  fun-inside stuff.

I like to watch the migrating “everything” that come through here.  Last year, I looked up into the sky, and there were layers of  hundreds of hawks flying and circling and moving southwest.  It was a spectacular sight that I had never seen before. 

I watch the hummingbirds and Monarchs come through.  I look for the shed snakeskin in the pastures, and try to eliminate mouse hiding  places near the back door.  Cleaning up and hauling away any trash piles outside and in the garage.  The cooler weather and welcome fall rains and storms, with unhindered views of spectacular sunsets, are what I look forward to with much  joy.

northeast Texas sunset

northeast Texas sunset


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