Alpacas and teeth

Alpacas don’t have many teeth, a row of bottom teeth; none on the top.  However, the males will develop “fighting teeth” at the back, upper and lower.  These are razor sharp and must be dealt with.

Preferred options are having the vet do it, cutting off the sharp points or sawing them off with an OB wire.  Or, at shearing time if you have a skilled shearer who will do it while the alpaca is pro-tied down for shearing, usually for an extra fee, either cutting or sawing off the tooth tips.  Ask ahead of time so the additional work time can be scheduled in.

The males will neck wrestle with each other out in the fields; females don’t seem to.  So to prevent any accidental injuries to the males, be sure you watch for these teeth erupting usually around two years of age and deal with them asap.


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