Livestock barns and bad weather

Well, finally, in our neck of the woods (we don’t really have “woods” here) it is raining.  It has rained all day.  We have small trees and a few big trees, big shrubs and right now tall sunflowers that need to be mowed down, but no woods, really.  I don’t really wish for woods; they bring their own predator issues.

Dash and her cria, Summer Surprise

Dash and her cria, Summer Surprise

I really enjoy going into the big barn, 30×50, in bad weather.  The alpacas are cushing and munching their hay, and are contented to be protected from the weather.  I don’t know how many places we visited, or articles we read, that suggested that a 3 sided shelter is all that alpacas need in the field.  I would like to wholeheartedly DISagree with that statement.  Especially when you have little ones that need some warmth and dryness.  I cannot imagine animals, especially several, trying to tuck in under a 3 sided shelter.  I would not want to be them.  Our chicken’s have warm and dry coops too, or they hang out in the warm and dry barn until nightfall. then go in the coops to roost for the night. 

 I really encourage thinking about and planning for a 4 sided structure to allow the animals in.  We also have roll up doors on the four 10×12 barn entry doors.  Depending on the direction of the blowing weather I can roll down any to offer additional protection and keep the barn somewhat  drier than letting in the blowing rain or sleet.

Stand in the barn, then go out and stand in the bad weather.  Where would you rather be, and where would you want your animals to be?


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