Chickens and predators

This weekend is National Alpaca Farm Days and we have had visitors stop by.  One fellow was remarking how many chickens he lost to predators, namely snakes.  I have not had the same problem.  Maybe because our coops are elevated off the ground, but maybe just because the chickens are all over the place and the guineas maybe keep them away (as I read they might, not sure if they really do).

He commented on a snake getting into the fenced chicken area and ate 28 baby chicks,  then was so fat he couldn’t get back out.  Needless to say this guy took care of that snake.  We have not had baby chicks around; the two that the hens hatched out were closely watched by the hens and so I think kept them from harm.  They  have grown into very, very pretty chickens (one pullet; one rooster).

Keeping the predators out is a hard task.  I lost a few to skunks and I saw a raccoon retreating from the area one night.  I guess you just have to expect it will happen at some point and be ready to replace what you lose.


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