More snow in Texas

Well, Houston did get a blanket of snow.  Only the fourth time ever, and they set a record for it being the earliest day of the year of a snowfall for them.  The weather swept south of Dallas but covered everything south and then moved east out of Texas to Louisiana and Mississippi.

We had biting cold but the sun was out and not too much wind so it was bearable if you had to be out.  Tonight as I was closing up the chickens and filling up the hay tubs for the alpacas I was glad there was not a breath of wind.  My face was plenty cold as it was and my gloved fingertips were almost numb when I got back inside the house.  We are supposed to get down into the 20’s tonight and only in the low 50’s during the next few days before our next round of cold and rain comes through. 

The alpacas and chickens are not fazed.  I drove up the drive to see all the chickens roaming the pastures for anything left alive they could make a meal of.  The alpacas, even the newest six-month-old, are warm enough.  Not enough pasture grass to suit them, but plenty of good hay  our neighbor provided.  I have not heard any coyotes at night;  they must be staying in and keeping warm.


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