Freezing in Texas

The weather is staying really cold.  Tonight supposed to be down in the teens. Today it didn’t reach 40.  More rain on the way and then a warm up they say. We have had snow already which is unusual this early.  We usually don’t see it come through until late January, February and one year in March (sleeting as we were shearing the alpacas; they were shivering).

The chicken water is freezing,  so coming up with a plan to have water available; probably do the switcheroo on their water: bring in the frozen container to thaw and replace with a fresh one.  They seem to be warm enough inside their closed up coops at night.  They get “homed” in on a coop (we have 3) and it is hard to get them to go in to a different one at night. One coop has 13 all cozy; another coop has 2 bantams; and another has 3 chickens. I have tried to “re-home” a couple of bantams from the full coop to the less crowded one, but they keep returning to the full one. 

I may move them once again and keep them closed up night and day all together for a week and get them  accustomed to their new home.  That way I would have 4 bantams together.  These are my last 4 Partridge Silkies; the other 6 (5 pullets and the darling rooster)  have been taken by predators.

So, I am off to put out water and close up everybody and throw some extra hay to the alpacas.

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