Feels like Kansas

We moved from Kansas in 1982 to warm and wonderful Dallas, TX for 3 reasons:

#1.  go where the jobs are (at that time building was booming here and my husband  just graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Architecture and he found his perfect job here);

#2. go where it was an easy trip by car back for family visits in 8 hours or less;

#3. get to someplace that has warmer winters (those 6′ snow drifts in winter and the long cold winter months October to May was rather tiresome)

But so far this winter, it has reminded me of Kansas winters.  I don’t recall having such weather this early in the winter season here in our area (already it has snowed here and the freezing weather is appearing too soon; Houston got snow for only the 4th time EVER and the earliest snowfall ever on record for them). And it hangs around, drifts off, warms up a few days, then comes right back around to us again: cold, rain, freezing weather.

In past seasons, I have put up Christmas lights outside when it was hot and humid, not at all feeling like it should be Christmas. I do really like it to at least FEEL like Christmas weather out.  But then once Christmas is over I am ready for Spring, which usually doesn’t start appearing until March when the trees bloom and leaf out.

So how are the weather forecaster’s doing with predictions?  Here is a link to one that appears to be accurate for our area so far; we have had lots of rain and then when it gets down to freezing it gets dangerous for us down here.  They don’t stock enough sand or salt for melting freezing rain on the roads so usually you don’t get out on the freezing slick roads just to stay out of the way of the people who think they can get somewhere without sliding and crashing.

The chickens have been chowing down more on their lay crumbles and when it actually warmed up into the 60’s they started laying more eggs; it’s supposed to get down in the 40’s during the day tomorrow so I am sure they will slow down again.

Keep an emergency food and blanket kit in your car at all times.  Be careful out there.


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